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The first six songs here are our contribution to making you dance to some clever dance music, and represent where we've been trying to go for some time now. The last three are some solid pop songs that cater to all sorts of crowds, tastes, and senses.

If you like this collection, feel free to wax lyrical on the many e-mails you're sure to send our way, and compulsively buy many copies of our songs to give out to your friends.


PS: These songs should be heard on headphones. Everything should be heard on headphones.


released September 9, 2009

Produced by: Pedro Caldas & Rafael Kasinski
Engineering: Pedro Caldas
Mastered by: Leo "Shina" Nakabayashi
Recorded & mixed at Musik Haus, São Paulo, Brazil
Mastered at Banzai Studios, São Paulo, Brazil



all rights reserved


Kasinski São Paulo

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Track Name: Without You (Original Mix)
I'm lost and lonely as ever here without you.
Track Name: Boy Toy
Boy Toy
I’m your faithful servant
Boy Toy
Yeah, I’m sure I want it
Boy Toy
Take me for your pleasure
Boy Toy
Come dig up my treasure

Deep inside of your mind
I know there’s something burning
First you want, then you can’t
But still your gears be turning
So don’t think it don’t stink
Your shit stinks just like mine does
So go forth, be my North
Do what you will with me cuz


Play some blues, bring some booze
Be sure your friend’s attending
She’s real nice, lots of spice
It should be fun. Depending
On the day, on the way
In which stars be aligning
Then the junk in my trunk
Will make for fun cockmining


Flip the switch, kill the itch
Put that idea to practice
Bring me more, filthy whore
You’re such a wondrous actress
You’re Monroe, you’re Jane Doe
And I’m the decoration
I’m your God, lightning rod
I’m your imagination

Track Name: Push Me Away (Radio Edit)
There's always something to push me away from you.
Track Name: Everybody's Crazy
Everybody’s crazy
Slaughter each other
Never cease to amaze me

They’re all filled with stories
Some god or the other
Violent orgies of death
For a place in heaven

Out of their minds
(these people, these people)
I’m sick of their kind
(these people)
Can’t afford to be blind
(oh people, oh people)
A good look inside
Might show you there’s only us


Track Name: Devotion
It's late at night
I can feel you're thinking about me
Wondering how it'd be
If you could do without this
Barrier Reef of my belief

That remaining pure
Will make whatever we do
So much more than dreams
We'll destroy that they drew
Previously for us to be

The crashing waves of this deep ocean
Are the eternal challenges of our devotion

I know you care
But every time we meet
We get carried away and it seems
Like such a feat
When we can keep from going deep

And while it's raining out
It's also raining inside me
My floodgates might burst soon
Where will you find me
Past the schemes
That haunt our dreams?


My hands committing your caress
Might put so much at stake
But with my hands upon your breasts
Doesn't feel like a mistake

Track Name: Push Me Away (Original Mix)
There's always something to push me away from you.
Track Name: Meltdown
While you were out
Date and time
Phone fax mobile area code number extension
While you were out
Telephone please call
Came to see you
Will call again
Wants to see you
Urgently see you
While you were out
Returned your call
Special attention special attention
While you were out
I left you a message

I can't wait
Got to get out
I'm having a meltdown
Got to see the shore
Going to the car
I'll give five minutes
I'm waiting at the door
Let's go have some fun
No worries, just see what's in store


I guess you already left
I was at work
I got to pay the bills
I wanna go
Can't go
I got to sell the car
But we can see the beach
When we've had our fill
We'll retire, we'll just take it slow
And I'll be waiting for when you get back home
Please, honey, don't forget to pick up some milk at the store
Track Name: Fireworks
Tonight, after someone's been shot
After living has stopped and existence's set in
By morning, when death stares you down
And you walk about town
Will you cry all your fireworks for me?
Will you cry all your fireworks for me?

By noon, when she tells you in stealth
(Lest you see her health is slipping away)
With eyes that no longer shine:
She needs to know with much urgency,
"Must you cry all your fireworks for me?
Must you cry all your fireworks for me?"

These children flying their kites
Are small little bites of what could've been
So I must come to an end
On this beautiful day
But the question remains:
"Who will cry all their fireworks for me?
Who will cry all their fireworks for me?"
Track Name: No Longer Here
Life was worth it for when those eyes
Would lose all of their disguise
And she'd finally come in my arms
Late at night

She'd then take complete control
Show me exactly where to go
I still smell the fumes we made
When we defied all our masters
But what now that you're...

No longer here, no longer here?
This poor boy is simply dreaming
Of those better years, those better years
Poor boy
But what now that you're gone?

It's been a bore, this time that's passed
Since I was first left aghast
When you tied me down and stripped me whole

Come leave me once again unmasked
Go ahead and consume my soul
Think of all the rules left to break
The fumes we made: pure attar
But what now that you're...


Who am I supposed to be?
Inside of you is the better part of me
Who's the next to lose this will to care?
Who will get there?